Get Lean Muscle at Any Age

Ageless Muscle

Ageless Muscle helps people of all ages to build lean muscle, specializing in the older population.

David has spent the last 20 years in the medical orthopedic industry assisting in thousands of joint replacements involving knee, hip, shoulder, plus many other sport related injuries.

Ageless Muscle will help build lean muscle to all who’ve completed rehabilitation for such injuries and replacements. 

We’ve all reached new chapters in life, so it’s time to join the Ageless Muscle team and get back to enjoying life to it’s fullest again. 

*Servicing League City, Friendswood, Webster, and surrounding areas.

About David & Tina

David Tepera

David has been around sports and fitness his entire life due to being raised by a father who was a high school football coach. He practically grew up in a gym and on playing fields. David went on to succeed and accomplish many feats throughout his childhood and into his adult life. In 2016, David won his Pro Card in Men’s Masters Beach and Physique thus becoming a professional athlete at the age of 55.

Since 2014, David is currently helping thousands of people each week through his motivational column in The Galveston Daily News and from his book “Keep Moving and Improving”. David spent 20 years in the medical orthopedic industry until dedicating his life with the sole purpose to inspire and motivate all people in their personal and business lives as it relates to sports, fitness and weight training.

David’s accomplishments:

- Nspire Sports League Pro Masters Beach and Physique Champion 2016 to present

- Columnist for The Galveston Daily News

- Book Author “Keep Moving and Improving”

- Inventor “The Abdominal Reanimater”

- 1st Degree Black Belt in American Tae Kwon Do

- Founder of The Dekeday Foundation

- Former Marathon runner and Triathlete

- High school Soccer Coach of the Year 1998

- 5 time Texas State Championship high school football coach LaMarque, Tx 1993-1997

- Who’s Who of Science Teachers 1998

- All District swimmer, diver and water polo player 1980

- Junior Olympic medalist Water Polo 1978

- Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology from University of Houston

- Co-owner Ageless Muscle LLP

Tina Turrentine

Tina started her weight training journey over 20 years ago. During that time span, she expanded her knowledge into all aspects of strength training, lean muscle mass and supplementation. In 2016, Tina made the decision to get out of her comfort zone and compete on stage. This extensive body sculpting program took her to the ultimate level of becoming a Pro Women’s Masters Champion. After 2 years of perseverance, in 2018, at the age of 45, Tina not only won 2 Pro Cards in Bikini Athletic and Figure divisions, but competed against women half her age. This ultimate dedication and discipline proved that at any age, you can add lean muscle.

Now, Tina co-founded Ageless Muscle and is dedicating her professional expertise to help all others reach their goals and genetic potential.


Tina’s accomplishhments:

- Nspire Sports League Pro Masters Bikini Athletic and Figure

- Personal Trainer and Coach for Ageless Muscle

- State of Texas Certified Teachers

- Bachelors of Science in Education

- Founder and CEO of Friendswood Animal Advocates  

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